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  Several TV film titles :

Lettre Morte [The dead letter]
Mon propre meurtre [My own murder]
Le ballot [The Package]
L'imaginaire en campagnes [Imagination in the countries]
George Dandin
Jules Ferry
La route inconnue [The unknown road]
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Is this 17th century upstart, duped by the lesser nobility who make him a son-in-law, a foreshadowing of the revolt of 1789?
A free adaptation of the Molière play as directed by Jean-Paul Roussillon for the Comédie Française.

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A two-part biography of the famous politician whom everyone admired - and repudiated.

Les épines en dedans.[Thorns turned inward]
His childhood, and first battles for the French Republic.

Le numéro 17 [Number 17]
Minister for education and later for foreign affairs, President of the Senate, thought to be Jewish, an authentic Freemason (for the first time, an initiation ceremony is re-enacted according to the ritual of the Grand Lodge of France and with its approval), enamoured of his brother, enemy of organized religion, colonizer opposed to the appetites of colonists, this walking contradiction who became Ferry-Toukin was gunned down by a policeman and later died from his wounds.

Based on the writing of Arthur Conte, and presented by Yvan Audouard.

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L'épine vinette [The thorn]
An adolescent falls madly in love with the image of an unknown girl riding by on a bicycle. His girlfriend, upset at not having been recognized, tells him she's certain it is her sister. But her sister has been dead for several years. Valentin goes in search of her.
Can death be as lifelike as life? Many would have their doubts but not Valentin, who ends up finding the girl. There is a man who is slightly mad, owns a manor and adores roses; a mysterious gang on bicycles that is scouring the region; and a magic level crossing, behind which the living and the dead each follow their destiny.

Based on a novel by André Dhôtel; screenplay by Jean Dewever

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