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 La crise du logement
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A building in Paris's Rue des Amandiers.
It is held up by props,
but is still inhabited.


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The Law of 1948 was passed by the French parliament to protect the underprivileged by capping rents.
In fact, it led to an appalling "housing crisis", of which the poorest were, as usual, the chief victims.
In 1955, raising the issue was tantamount to committing a crime against the State. Showing unbearable pictures of slums, demanding the right to housing, rejecting - unfortunately to no avail - the suburban social housing ghettos was to raise issues that still haven't been resolved to this day.
The film's images are damning testaments.



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La zone de Nanterre

1955 25 min B&W. 35mm
Writer director: Jean Dewever
Assistant director: Michel Wyn René Briot
Head cameraman: Roger Monteran
Editing: Geneviève Cortier, Maryse Barbut (Siclier)
Narrated by Roland Menard and Françoise Fechter
Original music by René Cloerec.
Sound engineer: Jacques Lebreton
Sound studios: Boulogne Laboratoires L.T.C.
Production: Oka Films (J. Dewever)


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In 1957, the papers saved the film for general release The Release in France
The Release in France

In 1978, resistance hadn't been overcome completely:
A member of the audience

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