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  Several TV film titles :

Lettre Morte[The dead letter]
Mon propre meurtre [My own murder]
Le ballot [The Package]
L'imaginaire en campagnes [Imagination in the countries]
George Dandin
Jules Ferry
La route inconnue [The unknown road]
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A father is desperately looking for his son who has disappeared. He questions a barman and a post office employee. The two men's memories could easily have been those of his son. But what's missing is what's most important. And what counts, for each of us.

A text by Robert Pinget.

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A mysterious crime has been committed in a high class milieu that suddenly finds itself the focus of media attention.
Based on Michel Cousin's novel about the De Bruay-en-Artois affair. Screenplay by Jean Dewever.

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An honest peasant farmer is taken prisoner by the Germans at the beginning of the First World War. The Kaiser releases him as a propaganda ploy. Once back in France, he becomes prey to all sorts of suspicions and hatred. To get rid of him - and perhaps save his life in the bargain - he is sent back to Germany.
Based on a true story.

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  Avec Bernadette Lafont

A psychoanalysis and a portrait of agriculture in France, seen through literary myth and actual people.

Cultiver son jardin [Cultivating his garden]
A naive man from the city tries to do just that for a living, and discovers it's far from easy.
Châteaux à vendre [Châteaux for sale]
Traditional farming is on the way out. One man blocks the roads to keep his farm from disappearing, another resigns himself to the inevitable with a forced smile. Don Quixote and Sancho Panza. Which of them is crazier?
La chartreuse de Paradis [The Charterhouse of paradise]
She has no qualifications, but a husband and ten children. She has created a chicken-farm. In the space of 20 years, she has built an empire: a chain of rotisserie hotels. Like Stendhal's Sanseverina, she's got her whole family working for her. Will they have the strength to keep pace with this triumph of industrial agriculture?
Ulysse est revenu [Ulysses is back]
A man comes to the countryside seeking his roots. Will organic farming enable him to find those roots?
Based on an idea by Jean François Chabrun; adapted by Jean Dewever.

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